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January 19, 2009


Mr Kiessig

#26... I'm REAL local!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

Oh such BEAUTIFUL work Kristina! It's so hard to choose but my fave would have to be #9 - the woman on the stairs. The perspective is so striking!

and I'm not from the local area. :0)


wow! so hard to choose! you are an amazing photog!

my fave is #26

but 10 and 8 are close seconds!

Lori W

16 is my fave
(but I really love 10 and 21 too)
you sure are talented, girl~
wish I were local....:)


Danggggggggggggg girl...this is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! They all ROCK my WORLD!!!!!!!!!

Dangit...if I have to CHOSE....I chose #21 .....that expression is WOOOOOOWWWWW PRECIOUS! :):):):):):):)

Hehehehehehe...U know how 2 find me! LOL :):):):):):)


that was evil, they are all so gorgeous! 21 got me though, he is so cute. I wish I was local yano it girl!

kim whitten

hard for me to decide between #2 and #21. I think I will go with #2 though - I love the natural beauty you captured and that backlighting is phenomenal!
wish I lived closer! :(


Ummm....dang those are some cute girls in #22! :)
Loved working with you Kristina!

Cathy P.

i'm really torn between 26 and 27.
26 is so unique.
27 really speaks to me.

so i'll say 27 :)

mandie segura

21 is my TOTAL favorite! So fun!!! Good job on that shot, too!!!

heather fuentes



for me it is between 17 and 21. but i have to say 21! i love that cute little squinchy face!


can I come to see you if I win??!

I LOVE #5, the way you captured her personality in the photo is just breathtaking.

It was sooo hard to pick just one!

Suzanne Rodriguez

Pure innocence and bliss.
It's as if she has no idea anyone is watching or taking a picture. We spend so much time trying to get our kids to look at the camera. You captured beauty doing the complete opposite.

Marc & Joyce

All the pics are fantastic, but we are partial to #11. What a handsome young man!


#26 - That picture is so beautiful and i t just caught my eye. You're work is amazing.

Liz W

#11! He's so adorable! Such a great photo.


No. 7. my all time fav pic of him. but seriously girl, your work is AMAZING. it really is hard to just pick one.

dave murphy


good stuff kristina


My favorite little Cali kid...#11! ;)

Soldier Girl

oooh #4 and #27 ..

Okay we had to pick on.. umm #27 I love your work girl


16 is my fave...the girl is adorable and the shot is amazing!

Pete G.

Beautiful photos. I'm going with #11. Too cute!

Zorina Mercado

21 is my favorite...that baby boy looks so darling! how i wish i can vote for 4 more pics...
take care. let me know if i win this. zorina

Rad Sommer

the one of the cute little boy (#11) is the best

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